Teknik förändrar mer än politik

Vad tror ni kommer att förändra livet mest för flest människor? Vem som vinner valet om några veckor eller följande exempel på den tekniska utvecklingen? Vilka av de båda debatteras mest? Varför är det så?

Over 90 percent of the subjects in the Phase I study conducted in Sweden have developed immunity against HIV.

Swedish HIV vaccine looks good

Researchers studying how muscles build up and break down believe they are close tocreating a drug to stop the body dismantling muscle when we stop using it. Their aim is to tackle weakness in the sick and elderly, and to help make long space flights feasible for humans. However, such a drug should also make staying in shape that bit easier – a boon for couchpotatoes and, of course, would-be sports cheats.

Muscles: Don’t use them, don’t lose them

Researchers at Columbia University Medical Center have successfully restored normal memory and synaptic function in mice suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.

Columbia researchers restore memory lost in mice with Alzheimer’s

”This work could have a revolutionary impact on science and technology,” Liebersays. ”It provides a powerful new approach for neuroscience to study and manipulate signal propagation in neuronal networks at a level unmatched by other techniques; it provides a new paradigm for building sophisticated interfaces between the brain and external neuralprosthetics; it represents a new, powerful, and flexible approach forreal-time cellular assays useful for drug discovery and other applications; and it opens the possibility for hybrid circuits that couple the strengths of digital nanoelectronic and biological computing components.”

Nanowire arrays can detect signals along individual neurons

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