Tror du på singulariteten?

Här är en åsikt…

igargoyle: Do You Believe In a Singularity?

i think it looks like a singularity from the outside but from the inside it is just business as usual






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    Implant chip in the human brain.Synthetic telepathy is communication systems built on thoughts, not speech. Multimedia communication network is based. Brain copying is performed around the clock, largely by learning computer, copying is nothing short of serious torture. No one would voluntarily give informed consent to this serious research abuse. It takes years of learning and program development to develop the new computer-brain interfaces and multimedia language between man and computer. Subjects are now against their will has been online for five years on Man-Brain-Computer-Interface.

    Neurological research has progressed so far that you can hack the neural system is wireless, which means that a computer can communicate with your brain and store all your sensory experiences, and then studying your kognetiva behavior, ie, the ultimate human study. The commercial user fields are endless and it feels no need to explain the far-reaching consequences when abused. This technology brain-computer interaction has happened during the 2000’s and will revoltion our way of life.

    Information and communication society is on its way directly into our brains and the ethical debate is non-existent in Sweden and must be urgently addressed in media.We are a company(MINDTECH) that works for this and have come into contact with people who are victims of these experiments. (SWEDEN) //Magnus Olsson

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    If brain emulation of particular brains is possible and affordable, and if the concerns of individual identity can be met, such emulation would enable backup copies and “digital immortality”. Read // Mindtech SWEDEN // Magnus Olsson

  3. Profilbild för Magnus Olsson

    Read E.U -commisioner Professor Rafael Capuros presentation.

    // Magnus Olsson //

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