Technologies of Cooperation

Howard Rheingold har gjort en sammanställning över kooperativa / sociala teknologier.

Technologies of Cooperation: A Map To a Toolkit

Just as the digital computer can be any machine you can program it to be and the Internet turns every desktop into a printing press, broadcasting station, community or market, the mobile Internet’s unique capability is the power it gives people and machines to organize collective action.

Som alltid med Rheingold intressant och tänkvärt:

Today’s technologies of cooperation are practical tools for organizing people and solving problems that we face right now. But they are also harbingers of new forms of social and economic organization — forms that may help resolve some of the complex social dilemmas that confront the world. So each example of a cooperative technology is also a model for thinking about future social forms as well as future tools; each example embodies principles that can help us think more strategically.







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