Like It or Not, Blogs Have Legs

Är bloggarna ett tecken på att internet mognat?

Like It or Not, Blogs Have Legs

Nevertheless, we are in the midst of a new kind of internet boom, thanks in large part to this weblog phenomenon. It’s not an economic bubble, where scores of startup companies run by fresh-faced 20-somethings are blowing through wads of venture capital in the hopes of becoming the first eBay or in their digital niches. Rather, it’s a revolution in the dissemination of intellectual capital.

Vidare, bloggarna utgör en slags fri marknad av information:

Concepts are presented, attacked, sliced, diced, added to and subtracted from, mangled, massaged and molded until what is left is an amalgam of the finest we as an online society have to offer. For the digitally well-endowed, it’s akin to free-market capitalism, with information as its currency.






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