Kriminalitet på nätet har blivit big business

Läsvärd artikel för den som vill förstå varför man bör hålla sin dator fri från virus och malware:

It was early February by the time he found a 3.3 GB file containing more than 10,000 online credentials taken from 5,200 machines—a stash he estimated could fetch $2 million on the black market. He called the FBI as he prepared to go undercover to learn more. If he had known at the time what pesdato, that Padonki slang word meant, he might have uttered it under his breath when he realized what he had stumbled on to.

He had stumbled on to the next phase of Internet crime. Gozi was significant not because the Gozi Trojan was innovative or hard to detect. It wasn’t. It was in many ways no different than its four-year old ancestor Berbew. No, Gozi was significant, Jackson thought, because it wasn’t really a product at all. It was a service.

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