Hello Kitty, Hello Clone

$32’000 för att klona ditt husdjur.

Hello Kitty, Hello Clone

When Mr. Cheng, who works as a technology auditor for a Wall Street investment bank, discovered that Shadow had a tumor that would soon prove fatal, he had the cat’s cells saved, cultured and frozen. Now, he is preparing for the next step: paying for Shadow’s cloned replacement. ”I’m saving up some money,” he said. ”It’s a lot like buying a car.”

The financing for Shadow’s successor won’t be trivial. Preserving the cells, a necessary beginning for anyone interested in creating a clone, can run $300 to $1,400, not including veterinarian costs and yearly storage fees. But these expenses pale in comparison with the cost of the clone itself: at Genetic Savings and Clone, the company that stored Shadow’s DNA, the price is $32,000 – reduced from the original $50,000, but still an impressive sum.

Priserna kommer att sjunka, förmodligen snabbare än att samhällsdebatten hinner med.






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