Genetiska skillnader mellan könen större än väntat

Ju fler av naturens mysterier vi avslöjar, desto fler politiskt brännbara frågor som denna kommer att hamna i hetluften.

The Truth About Gender

One of the most intriguing findings concerns the genetic differences between men and women. A study published last week in the journal Nature puts this difference at about 1 percent. Considering that the genetic makeup of chimpanzees and humans differs by only 1.5 percent, this is significant. ”You could say that there are two human genomes, one for men and one for women,” says Huntington Willard, a geneticist at Duke University and coauthor of the article. The study did not spell out exactly which genes do what. Rather, its results were like looking at the innards of two almost identical clocks and finding that in fact each has an altogether different arrangement of gears.






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