First View Of Many Neurons Processing Information In Living Brain

Det ser ut som myrornas krig men det är den elektriska stormen som pågår i en katts hjärna då den använder sitt synsinne vi bevittnar i dessa filmer.

First View Of Many Neurons Processing Information In Living Brain

The method, the first to track the responses of all the neurons in a visual circuit simultaneously, promises to rapidly advance our understanding of how the brain is wired for complex image processing. Lessons learned by studying the visual system may eventually apply to other brain functions like movement, thinking, and learning, as well as neurodegenerative diseases.

Tekniken har lett till nya insikter om hjärnans funktioner och naturens fantastiska problemlösningsförmåga:

The result surprised researchers, since the fine mosaic of functional segregation in cats looks more precise than expected according to current models of how the circuit works. While the bodies of nerves that respond together are seen bunched tightly, their dendrites, the long arms that pick up incoming signals, branch out to cover a much larger surrounding area, overlapping into other neurons’ territories. And in the rat, the observed microarchitecture was completely different than in the cat. Instead of being segregated, neurons that recognized different stimuli were all mixed together, suggesting that nature has managed to find different solutions to the same computational problem.






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