De fyra sorterna av crowdsourcing-arbetare

Bloggen Customization & Open Innovation News har en längre sammanfattning av Wired-artikeln jag skrev om nyligen:

Mass Crowdsourcing is the new outsourcing: WIRED on value co-creation

The articles describes four kinds of crowdsourcers: Professional freelancers and hobbyists, who now very easily can contribute their talents (like photo enthusiasts competing again professional stock photographers); Packagers, who create new material by mixing own and re-used existing content and package it for a specific (niche) audience (like amateur videographers); Tinkerers, who get involved in a company’s R&D process (open innovation as in the case of Innocentive); and finally the Masses, micro-freelancers who just participate a tiny bit of work to create something big with thousands of collaborators (like contributors to Amazon’s Mechanical Trunk).







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  1. Profilbild för Ventus


    in the same concept, look at this website that I’ve just noticed This is a further step on the crowdsourcing as it aims to design and sale electronic products for the first time (it’s hardware development and not software for this time). The company’s name is Logoden. It looks promising but it’s just started. I’d recommand you to join this community, who knows it can work and you can potentially earn money.

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